We went Quad Biking in Marrakesh and it was nothing like we expected!

Marrakesh in Morocco has an extremely adventurous soul. It’s one of those rare places which can surprise you at every corner, you can go from sipping your cappuccino in Starbucks to riding a camel in the space of 15 minutes. It’s clear that the locals have embraced this oxymoronic east meets west culture as during the day they are out haggling over the price of a dress and in the evenings they are rocking these dresses and partying the night away!

When we booked our Quad Biking adventure with Dunes & Deserts we took everything at surface value and believed that the experience would be exactly as described: Riding four wheelers on a sandy surface 😝


It turns out we were wrong! Sure, we were on four wheelers and yes they were indeed on a sandy surface but the experience wasn’t just about navigating your way through a barren wasteland. In fact, it was just the opposite…

We started off by practicing on mini sand dunes to get familiar with our bikes and learn how to navigate. Once we got the hang of the basic stuff our instructors started to lead us on a trail upwards towards the mountains. The further we climbed, the more in awe we were of Morocco’s stunning beauty, passing nearby villages with clay houses and local farmers tending to their herd.


Once we got to the top we met up with a local family and were treated to fresh mint tea and home made pancakes with sweet honey syrup. The pit stop provided us with a chance to reflect on the breathtaking sights surrounding us and gave us a glimpse into the everyday life and culture of the Berber people (an ethnic group indigenous to North Africa).




Right, I know what you’re thinking, culture blah, scenic views blah blah but where is that hit of adrenaline you expect from a Quad Biking experience? Where is that rush of excitement? Well, buckle up because the second half of the tour was exactly that Mad Max Fury experience you’ve been looking for!

We made our way back from the mountains taking a course which took us across Marrakech’s sandy red desert. Revving our engines we tackled the landscape, embarrassing the thrill of the chase.

Have any of you guys ever been Quad Biking? If so, where did you go and how did you find the experience? Please let us know in the comment section below 🙂




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