5 Places You Need To Visit Before Brexit Happens


Brace yourselves. Brexit is coming!

Whether you were a leaver celebrating or a remainer drowning your sorrows in a pint,
the news of Brexit has hit all of us pretty hard. For travelers there will be new rules, possible restrictions on how much time we can spend in certain places and visa regulations we may have to abide by.

But, like the old saying goes when life gives you Brexit… make a Brexit Travel Bucket List.

Svalbard, Norway

Majestic mountains, colourful stilted huts and real life polar bears make the Isles of Svalbard a location right out of a Philip Pullman novel. Located in the Arctic circle, it’s possibly the northernmost habitation in the world hence one of the best spots to see the Northern Lights.

However, if tiny particles  of solar energy colliding with the earth’s atmosphere to create a magical display of light is not enough to to rock your boat, Svalbard offers a range of other excursions. Activities such as snow mobiling, glacier hiking and polar bear watching are sure to give you an adrenaline rush (hey, this is a bucket list after all).

Where to stay: Svalbard Hotel – The location is central, the staff is friendly and the rooms are super comfortable. Accommodation starts from £55pp per night.

Top Tip: Book your tours in advance. Spitsbergen travel offer quite excursions at a reasonable rate, starting from £70pp.

Lugano, Switzerland

Lugano by Nilton Quoirin

The Bench by Pyry Luminen

Lugano / Lake by Kurt In Albon

If there is such a thing as paradise on earth, you will both figuratively and literally find it in Lugano. Paridiso is a tiny municipality on the shores of Lake Lugano which offers gorgeous untouched natural parks with crafted iron gates opening up to crystal clear waters, breathtaking views of Swiss-Italian mountains and a sense of serenity you just can’t buy.

Where to Stay: If you’re a luxury lover looking for a bit of pampering opt for the Villa Sassa Hotel & Spa, which is situated in an extremely picturesque setting overlooking the Lugano hills. Prices start from around £100pp per night.

However Lugano also offers a range of B&Bs at a very competitive rate, which provide a true local experience. You can either research online and book before you head off or completely throw caution to the wind, live on the wild side and hunt down your lodgings when you get there.

Top Tip: Take a ferry or a boat ride from Lugano to head to Italy for a day to experience the wonders of the Italian countryside.

Santorini, Greece

Greece by Arnold Bartel

Oia View by Sebastien et Nelly lagree

Sunny day  by Inna Samoilova

Possibly one of the better known destinations on this list, with its iconic architecture and gorgeous blue sea Santorini is a must!

If you’re a lover of beach holidays and are looking to wine, dine and relax then Santorini’s black beaches, stunning landscape and trendy whitewashed bars are sure to hit the spot. For the foodies the island offers great eateries peppered amongst the windy streets and coast line.

Where to stay: There’s only one place to stay in Santorini and that’s the Charisma Suites in Oia. The suites are luxurious, modern and come with their very own private pools which open up to stunning views looking out to the sea. For the best deals avoid peak seasons and you will be able to find deals from as little as £150pp per night.

Top Tip: Take an afternoon trip up the windy streets of Oia and watch the sunset overlooking the Island.

Dubrovnik, Croatia


All-embracing Stone by Warren Weinstein

With its cobbled streets and medieval architecture sitting on the Adriatic sea, Dubrovnik offers the best of both worlds and let’s be honest it would be almost blasphemous to leave the EU without having taken a trip to King’s Landing.

If you’re looking to to explore the local scene and immerse yourself in the Croatian culture opt for a 2-3 night stay around September or October. During these months the temperatures are still fairly warm but the worst of the heat and swarms of tourists have died down. On the other hand if you’re looking for a longer break and want to spend a little more time lounging on the beach and soaking up the sun, then head to the city for late May / early June.

Where to stay: The Royal Princess Hotel offers 5 star luxury at a fraction of the price. You’ll enjoy panoramic views of the sea and the hotel also offers a cable car service which will take you to old town Dubrovnik while allowing you to soak up stunning views of the city.

Top tip: Take a day trip to a neighboring island to explore natural parks with fluorescent lakes and get an experience of the Croatian countryside.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam Sunset by Michael Abid

Red lights town by Nathan Derave

Amsterdam by Danial Aiman

Lets be honest if we are going to leave the EU, lets end this relationship on a high note (pun very much intended) 😉

Where to stay: Opt for an AirBnB – explore the sights like the locals to really get a sense of the city’s unique culture.

Top Tip: The city is home to the most amount of museums in the world, make sure you take some time out from *ahem* eating cake to check out some historical artefacts.





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