Locations Not Worth Your Time Unless It’s To Capture A Pokemon

The Pokémon GO phenomena has officially taken over the world and by jove has it caused a stir! IT geeks and comic book nerds who’ve not be seen out in daylight since the release of the latest Star Wars movie have all started to emerge from their hideaways. There has been a significant increase in people all over the world walking into poles, falling down pot holes and walking out of the house a 2 AM to capture a Charmeleon.

With all these happenings in mind we have put together a small list of places around the world where Pokemons have been spotted. Locations which would not be worth your time, money or any other form of investment unless you intend to “catch’em all.”

Richmond Park, London

Misty Deer by Ian Schofield

Terrace Gardens Richmond by Andrzej Jeczen

We know leaving central London and possibly having to drive (a concept completely foreign to Londoners) might be a bit of an ask but once you’ve exhausted the city we strongly recommend taking this risk and venturing South.

Just a precautionary warning the deer in the first image is not a Pokemon, please do not run towards it and attempt to capture it with your Poke ball 😏

Central Park, New York

Gold by Vivienne Gucwa

Autumn At Gapstow Bridge by Jessica Jenney

Some might claim Central Park to be a tranquil haven in one of the world’s most frantic cities. Clearly, these people are liars who want to distract you from your mission! Stay focused, you never know when that Vaporeon might appear again.

Madiera, Portugal

Waves over Rocks by Jonathan Wright

A life in the mountains by Jaymit Patel

A stunning island with majestic mountains and glistening waterfalls… Who cares?

Pokestops have been spotted in the city of Fuchal, so no point venturing out and wasting your time exploring the rest of the peninsula.

Tongariro National Park, New Zealand

Volcanic landscape, New Zealand by Dmitry Pichugin

Emerald Lakes by Paritosh Mohan

Renowned as real-life Middle Earth and home of the Haka, New Zealand’s status in the world is now set to change as one brave man ventures to claim the country as home of the most devoted Pokemon hunters in the world.

New Zealnder Tom Currie quit his job to become a full-time Pokemon hunter and if he can do it, so can you!

Melbourne, Australia

hidden Melbourne by Shady ezz

Walk through by Dinuka Alahakoon

It’s only natural to jump from one one Oceanic country to another in your quest to catch’em all and what better place to go than Melbourne? Sure, Melbourne has stunning historic architecture and easy access to the coast but here’s the most important thing the city has to offer: free WiFi spots! Yes, that’s right. Melbourne offers dozens of free WiFi spots throughout the city, which means you won’t be have to worry about your data usage or extra charges 😉

Have anything thing to add to this article? Recommendations? Comments? Thoughts, well pop them down in the form below 👇




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