6 Tips To Help You Book A Cheap Flight This Summer

Whether you’re a free-spirited last minute traveller looking for a cheap getaway or an organised planner who wants to secure a good deal; we guarantee that these nifty tips will help you bag a cheap flight.

Go Incognito

Search engines and sites can track your search queries and can see how many times you have visited a website and what you’ve been looking for. Therefore, many companies are likely to hike up prices depending on your surf history.

The best way to avoid this is to clear your cache and use the private search or incognito function offered by your browser. This stops websites from profiling you meaning that you will get the best deal every time.

Avoid Booking Flights On Evenings and Weekends

If you’re going to take one suggestion away from this post, we would like it to be this: Never ever ever search or book your flights in the evening or over the weekend. It’s a well-known fact in the travel industry that many airline providers and holiday companies raise their flight margins during evenings and weekends.

So, to get the best rates make sure you search for your flights on a weekday (preferably a Tuesday or a Wednesday) and before 6 PM.

Make Use of Flight Search Engines


Flight search engines can crawl through thousands of sites and pick out the best deal and present it to you in minutes – a process which would take hours to complete manually. Skyscanner is the most popular choice and for good reason too. The site’s super Flexible Flight Search shows you the cheapest flights based on your travel dates and is an excellent tool, particularly if you don’t have a certain destination in mind.

However, if you are a little more fixed on travel dates or destinations, a favourite at WanderFeed is Momondo. Momondo’s trip finder has proved to be the cheapest airfare finder for us time and time again but don’t just take our word, it has been voted one of the best flight comparison sites and according to Donald Strachan of The Telegraph is the cheapest flight comparison site of all.

Book 6 – 7 Weeks In Advance


If you’re flying to Europe or other short-haul destinations (less than a 4 hour flight), book  at least 6-7 weeks in advance and keep an eye out for flight sales to get the best deals.

Booking far in advance can help you to score some great savings especially if you’re looking to book a family trip over term-time holidays or are less flexible when it comes to travel dates.

Go Last Minute


Yes we know we just told you to book in advance but there are also very tangible reasons for leaving things a little last minute. If you’re flexible when it comes to travel dates and destinations and are up for a little spontaneity you can get some amazing deals at a fraction of the price. Book your annual leave and one week before you are due off work start have a search online for committed seats or failed flights.

Our little secret is fly4free.com, the site offers some of the best deals going including flights to places such as Cancun and Costa Rica for as little as £229pp. Just a word of caution; make sure you have plenty of time set aside before visiting the site because it’s extremely addictive!

Sign up


Airlines and holiday companies offer exclusive money off vouchers and cheap deals in an effort to drum up sales during off-peak seasons. Many of these companies own their aviation therefore have a vested stake in selling flights at base rate in order to encourage hotel / resort bookings. Deals such as these deals are usually communicated to customers via email.

Don’t forget flights also go on sale around January and June time (mirroring the retail market in the UK), and email users are usually the first to hear about the deals on offer. Signing up to newsletters from your favourite airlines and holiday companies will allow you to find out about the latest sales, promotions and exclusive offers.



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