5 Places Worth Traveling To Just For Food

Gaggan in Bangkok, Thailand 

Voted as Asia’s best (and the world’s 10th best) restaurant, Gaggan has achieved the remarkable task of taking comfort based, homely Indian cuisine and turning it into a fine dining experience. Yes, that’s right Indian cuisine.

We know it sounds strange that we’re asking you to travel to Thailand for Indian food but please refer to exhibit A, B and C below for some pretty sound evidence as to why you should take this trip.

 Indian, Fine Dining

Thoughts: Unexpectedly Amazing

Cost: £77.80 + 10% Service Charge and 7% VAT


Francis Mallmann 1884 in Mendoza, Argentina

If you could take the phenomena that is wanderlust and somehow put it on a plate we assure you that it would be served at Francis Mallmann. Specialising in grilled and open fire cooking, the restaurant’s cuisine is very much meat based offering everything from salted whole chickens to premium cuts of beef.

Not only will you be able to explore some of the world’s top sites while embarking on this culinary adventure, you will also be dining at one of the world’s best restaurants.

 Patagonian, Open Fire

Thoughts: Set in the heart of Argentinian wine country and inspired by the wildness of Patagonia, Francis Mallmann serves food cooked the way nature truly intended.

Cost: Around £6.00 for starters and £12.00 for mains.


Hisa Franko in Soca Valley, Slovenia

It’s not like we really need any excuse to go to a breathtaking valley with a beautifully jagged landscape, glistening waterfalls and turquoise blue waters… but if we did Hisa Franko is certainly not a bad one.

Run by a husband and wife duo the restaurant provides a sense of love and homeliness, a trait lacking in some of the best establishments across the world. Ana, the chef, conveys a story through her food – a story which focuses on taking the best Slovenia has to offer and presenting it to the world in the form of mouth-watering nibbles.


Cuisine: Modern, Fine Dining

Thoughts: The culinary gem of Slovenia.

Cost: 5-courses for £55 or 9-courses for £70

GW Fins in New Orleans, USA

Let’s be honest we can’t think of anything better than seafood in the French Quarter of New Orleans! And apparently a lot of you agree with us as GW Fins – hailed as the temple of all things fish – has been voted as the best restaurant in New Orleans.

From Lobster Dumplings and Blackened Swordfish to traditional American Red Snapper and Seafood Gumbo, the restaurant prides itself on serving only the freshest catch. The restaurant stands out for its modern take on traditional Southern cuisine and is sure to blow your socks off.

gw fin



Cuisine: Seafood, American (Southern)

Thoughts: The freshest catch in New Orleans.

Cost: Around £35 to £45


Bon Appetour in Rome

Ask any Italian you want and they’ll tell you – no matter how far and wide you travel searching for the best Italian meal, no matter how much you spend and how many Michelin stars you hunt for nothing beats the magic of ‘Mama’s cooking’ (said of course with an exaggerated Italian accent).

So, when in Rome drop your travel guides, close your Tripadvisor app and get off your Google maps to do as the Romans do. Opt for an authentic home cooked meal with Bon Appetour – a sort of AirBnB for foodies which allows you to dine at homes around the world. From dinner overlooking the Vatican city to authentic pasta making classes, experience the real foodie culture of Rome.


Cuisine: Traditional Roman

Thoughts: A foodie’s dream!

Cost: Around £25 to £45


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