Game of Thrones’ 7 Kingdoms In Real Life

Kingdom of the North, House Stark of Winterfell

“The gods of Winterfell kept a different sort of wood. It was a dark, primal place, three acres of old forest untouched for ten thousand years as the gloomy castle rose around it.”

Real life: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Ireland Carrickfergus Castle At Nightfall by Chris Curry

The Dark Hedges by Brian  Fullerton

Kingdom of the Mountain and the Vale, House Arryn of the Eyrie

The_Eyrie“Above the Vale, the Eyrie stood high and impregnable, its towers reaching for the sky…”

Real life: Meteora, Greece

Pindos by Verian Mancina

M E T E O R A by Alexandros Constantinides

Kingdom of the Isles and Rivers, Harren Hoare of Harrenhal

Tully_Background“The land was gentle enough, rolling hills and terraced fields interspersed with meadows and woodlands and little valleys where willows crowded close to slow shallow streams …”

Real life: Otaga, New Zealand 

Hamurana Spring by Edwin Leung

New Zealand landscape, North Island by Dmitry Pichugin

Kingdom of the Rock, ruled by House Lannister of Casterly Rock

cs“Stone, I must be stone, I must be Casterly Rock, hard and unmovable.”

Real life: Zhangjiajie, China

Column by Edward Gu

The way to reach heaven door by Nateethep  Ratanavipanon


Kingdom of the Stormlands, ruled by House Durrandon of Storm’s End

World_Storm's_End“This Storm’s End is an old place. There are spells woven into the stones. Dark walls that no shadow can pass – ancient, forgotten, yet still in place.”

Real Life: Gaspra, Crimea

swallows nest 2



Kingdom of the Reach, ruled by House Gardener of Highgarden


“In Highgarden there are fields of golden roses that stretch away as far as the eye can see. The fruits are so ripe they explode in your mouth-melons, peaches, fireplums, you’ve never tasted such sweetness.”

Real life: Neuschwanstein and Black Forest, Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle by Fabio Bricchi

Attractive Pathway in Saxon Switzerland by Dmytro Korol

Principality of Dorne, ruled by House Martell of Sunspear

“I have a sweet red from Dorne, my lady, it sings of plums and cherries and rich dark oak.”

Real life: Seville, Spain

Alcazar Seville by Balazs B.

Reales Alcazares (Sevilla) by Miguel Diaz


Are you as much of a GOT Geek as we are? Let us know what you think of our interpretations and if you have any suggestions please let us know in the comment section below.




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