The Definitive List of Travel Snapchat Accounts

How Snapchat is Changing the Game for Travelers

When I first heard of Snapchat, it was the app of choice for people to send naked pics to each other, if we’re being honest here.

Fast forward to a few years later, and my brother (3 years younger than me) is showing me how he is documenting his day and adding these really fun geotag filters on his trip to visit me in NYC. He showed me how to use it, and I was hooked.

I’ve always been the kind of person who loves to document…everything. I remember thinking when I was on the bus ride home from school as a ten year old that I wished I had a camera in my eyes, so I could record everything I saw out the window to watch back later.

Well, that technology has yet to be created (though I’m sure it’s already being developed), but for good or bad we are documenting more and more of our daily lives.

For travelers, this presents a unique opportunity to show our friends, family, and anyone with a wanderlust heart all of the places we visit and experiences we have. I frequently have gotten ideas both from people sending snaps to me about the destination I’m going to, and from fellow travel bloggers snapping their own travels.

That’s what’s so fun about Snapchat: the ability to interact both with your audience and other travel bloggers on the same platform (while being able to simultaneously send funny videos to your friends!)

The only thing that’s not so fun about Snapchat is finding people to follow. There are a few top travel snapchat account lists, but no definitive list of Travel Snapchat Accounts. So I am setting out to create that list. It will be updated as I find new Travel Snappers to follow. If you want to add your Snapchat handle to the list, comment on this post!

The Definitive List of Travel Snapchat Accounts

Happy Snapping!

This post has been written by Eva Explores of Make sure you follow Eva on Snapchat (@evaeec) and keep up to date with all of Evas adventures via her blog.


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