7 Places You Should NOT Go On Your Honeymoon

Reykjavik, Iceland




Northern lights, dramatic scenery, glistening glaciers and secluded lodges… Hmm, we’re not quite sure if you can handle all these romantic sights on your honeymoon, perhaps best to give it a miss.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Another lazy day by Nat Brice

Zanzibar Hotel Pier by Marc Tanner

beach monkey by ryan green

Who needs turquoise blue waters and milky white beaches on their honeymoon? And as for having a luxury Indian Ocean experience at the fraction of the price of Maldives or Mauritius… No thank you!

Split, Croatia

Yin & Yang by Janne Kahila

Split, Croatia by Cory Schadt

Plitvice Waterfalls
Photo credit: Jack Brauer

Sure, Croatia has secluded beaches with bluey-green waters that resemble the Caribbean and waterfalls which will literally take your breath away… But getting on a flight for 3 hours instead of 10, where’s the fun in that?

Patagonia, South America

A Magical Sunrise - Torres Del Paine National Park by Cristian Coser

Milky Way Peeking by Jeremias Thomas on 500px.com

Located between Argentina and Chile, Patagonia boasts majestic mountains, an unkempt landscape and candy floss clouds. The region’s breathtaking views allude an aura of magic and mystery, which of course can mean only one thing. We’re onto you Patagonia… Or should we say Narnia? (Aha!)

Kyoto, Japan

Photo credit: Flickr

Hozu River in Spring by Natpaphas Subsin

 京都 竹林 by rui takada on 500px.com


Kyoto has impressive palaces, secret gardens, legendary temples, historic shrines, luscious landscapes… Wait, what was the point again?

Livingston Island, Zambia

sunset stroll by regi popelier

Photo Credit: Flickr

Zambia is home to some of the most magnificent national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in the world but does it have the greatest curtain of falling water in the world? No, we didn’t think so!


Queenstown, New Zealand

Wakatipu Lake, New Zealand by Dmitry Pichugin

Lake Wakatipu and the Mountains Beyond by Crystal Brindle


We know you just got married but do you guys literally want to be on cloud nine?



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